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WHIPLASH 'War of Terror'

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Product Info:
Band: Whiplash
Title: War of Terror
Origin: Indonesia
Catalog Number: DR023
Format: Compact Disc
Style: Thrash Metal
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Limitation: 1000 copies
Additionally: Included a Japanese-style OBI-Strip

SIGNED ITEMS: 100 copies

Who doesn't love the early Metallica? who was a major influence of thrash metal bands all the time. Here's The Indonesian Thrash Metal bands called Whiplash gives you about a feeling of the early Metallica. This debut album "War of Terror" brings back the heaviness, combined with the faster pace and their music sounds a bit rough around the edges. The band thrashing like in the good old days content enough to follow faithfully one of the genre’s biggest heroes. Nevertheless, the band keeps their own style and some respectable speed, the rough matches the intensity of music in every song.

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