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TENGGOROKAN 'Execution of Death'

Image of TENGGOROKAN 'Execution of Death'

$7.00 - On Sale

Tracks List:
1. Intro
2. Dead
3. The Human Laws are All Fuck
4. Sakti
5. Dendam
6. Tangisan dan Darah
7. Eksekusi Kematian
8. Fuck The Blasphemy
9. I Kill You or You Kill Me
10. My Friend is A Murderer

Tenggorokan aim to perform the most furious death metal, pure and sick as possible. By this debut full length "Execution of Death" you can expect 10 tracks of interesting Indonesian Brutality compositions. You would not be disappointed and should expect a more mature and evolved, classic styled grooves, blistering speed, blast beat drumming, nasty growl vocals with insane and outstanding guitar solos. "Execution of death" is enough to warrant many repeated spins and if you are looking for material of a quality death metal music, you won't go wrong with this.

Points of interest::
- A Very interesting Death Metal debut album to date
- Classic styled grooves, blistering speed, blast beat drumming & nasty growl vocals
- Unique blend between Swedish & US Death Metal style with an old school flavor
- Strong Underground following
- Professional CD & full colour booklet with 12 pages
- Interesting Layout & Design

*New & Sealed + Big Poster
*Additionally: Included a Japanese-style OBI-Strip