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INTERFECTORMENT 'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian' EP

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Image of INTERFECTORMENT 'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian' EP

Young and Sick … to be honest, this is the incredible debut EP, they have a great talent as well. We've been waiting for a band like this. Their music is a pure groove with relentless breakdowns, heavy and broootalll. For fans of Suffocation, Gorgasm & Devourment. Highly recommended, they are very promising band.

Track Listing
1. Cannibalism of Dismembered Entrails
2. Injecting the Creep
3. Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian
4. Thy Will Be Butchered
5. Parade Tubuh Tanpa Kepala

Total playing time: 17:40