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DIGGING UP 'Disseminated Inapparent Infection' CD

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Image of DIGGING UP 'Disseminated Inapparent Infection' CD
  • Image of DIGGING UP 'Disseminated Inapparent Infection' CD

Digging Up hails from Bandung, Indonesia, the band was formed in 2005 and people had always been waiting this band debut album for a long time. Now Digging Up came to dominate the Death Metal scene with their highly anticipated debut full length album 'Disseminated Inapparent Infection'. This debut album will certainly captivate the enthusiasts of brutality everywhere. Here's the New Ambassador of Indonesian Brutality.

Track Listing
1. Savoring Veronica In My Vein
2. Extortion Of Fate Disenchanment
3. Genitalia Venerable Of Whore
4. Imprecated Ritual Killing
5. Lymphocytic Serum Visions
6. Praise Pentagon Of Veronism
7. Disseminated Inapparent Infection
8. Vomited Infection Of Corpse
9. Pathetic Unidentified Obsession (Jasad Cover)

Total playing time: 36:39

*Includes Poster