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WHIPLASH 'War of Terror'

Image of WHIPLASH 'War of Terror'

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Product Info:
Band: Whiplash
Title: War of Terror
Origin: Indonesia
Catalog Number: DR023
Format: Compact Disc
Style: Thrash Metal
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Limitation: 1000 copies
Additionally: Included a Japanese-style OBI-Strip

SIGNED ITEMS: 100 copies

Tracks List:
01. Burning My Soul
02. Last Rites
03. Dying World
04. Jiwa Liar
05. Politik Gila
06. Fuck Yeah (Metal Mania)
07. Survivor
08. War Of Terror

Running Time: 46:16

Who doesn't love the early Metallica? who was a major influence of thrash metal bands all the time. Here's The Indonesian Thrash Metal bands called Whiplash gives you about a feeling of the early Metallica. This debut album "War of Terror" brings back the heaviness, combined with the faster pace and their music sounds a bit rough around the edges. The band thrashing like in the good old days content enough to follow faithfully one of the genreā€™s biggest heroes. Nevertheless, the band keeps their own style and some respectable speed, the rough matches the intensity of music in every song.

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