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DISAVOWED 'Stagnated Existence' (No. copy: Random) / LOW STOCK

Image of DISAVOWED 'Stagnated Existence' (No. copy: Random) / LOW STOCK

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Product Info:
Band: Disavowed
Title: Stagnated Existence
Origin: Netherlands
Catalog Number: DR022
Format: Compact Disc
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Release Date: August 30, 2015
Limitation: 500 numbered copies
Additionally: Included a Japanese-style OBI-Strip

- Plus Demo ‘Point of Few’ 2000
- All tracks remastered
- New Layout & Design
- Include short bio & Complete Lineup

Running Time: 45.08

Track List:
1. Biased Existence
2. Treason
3. Collateral Causality
4. Restricted Conceptions
5. The Infinite Multiplicity
6. The Eternal Validity
7. Divided by Condemn
8. Stagnated
9. Dogmatic Conceit
10. The Veils Of Misconception
11. Rhizome
12. Rejected
13. Generative Patterns

Stagnated Existence shows the equation for a simplistic and album revolving mainly around the brutality, well structured, technical and catchy, a good and decent brutal death metal record. It is still hard to ignore the fact that this album has brutality at every corner. This brand new reissue comes with short biography as well as new layouts and designs. As a strictly limited edition bonus, the CD also contain three songs from the 'Point of Few' Demo (2000). All tracks are remastered by Robbert Kok the vocalist, the sound quality is fucking amazing, all the instruments are levelled perfectly. It’s a definite must in everyone’s CD collection.

*New & Sealed + Big Poster

No. copy Random